10/9 Game Session

Raiding the Castle, part 3

Hero reaches the third floor and knocks out the rock-hurling halfing. Athare has her back, and gets the riding dog under control. They lock the halfling in with the only male captive found so far, another halfling who was concerned about the dog-rider’s well-being. Esverra dropped a pile of fog in the long corridor that enemies kept coming from, then rounded up a few freed women to strip fallen foes of armor and weapons and throw their bodies down the disposal chute. Bontraeger and Pig intercepted a masked man in yellow pajamas (smeared in gore) coming up the stairs. Pig kept knocking him down until Bontraeger and Esverra could pry loose the secret door and jam it into the lower stairwell. An explosion and an attack got the freed captives riled and fleeing. Athare led some up the unfinished tower, where they were able to climb down the scaffolding to try and reach the adventurer’s boats. Tyi led others behind Hero as she searched the third floor for “the Nursery”. Athare returned to floor 2, found a few boudoirs, re-rigged the flame trap, and played catch with enemies on the other side of the fog. As a parting gift, he set them on fire and rejoined the group. Tyi followed Hero’s lead as they investigated a series of quarters and linen closets. While doing so he kept shouting out challenges for Samiel, but never got a response. They found a few trapped and locked metal doors, a dangerous staircase, and a long training room. Bontraeger determined the floor was probably trapped, but couldn’t quite determine the trigger. More guards came up the stairs but were quickly dealt with. One was questioned before he met his goddess. The human showed no fear of death, biting Tyi’s ankles after the monk wrenched both of the man’s kneecaps, and pulling a dagger from his own flesh to stab Tyi in the foot after his throat was slit. Meanwhile, Hero discovered an acrophobic shortcut to a plush private room. About the same time, Esverra tried to lead her group of parolees through the door to the same room. Both Esverra and Hero fell victim to powerful magical wards protecting it. Athare found Esverra senseless on the floor and was able to bypass the door’s trap. Inside, he saw a small room with no opposite wall, just a beautiful dawn cloudscape stretching off into forever. An empty easel and a small bell hanging over it were the only objects within. We were all drooping, so the invasion will have to stretch into a 4th session…


Esverra: ’"Boudoir"? is that some weird dialect of Common for “rape room”? >:-P

10/9 Game Session
damian_of_smith damian_of_smith

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