7/17 game Session

Missa's shipment & Snorg's capture

While Athare nosed around the warehouse, the rest of the party spent a couple of hours carousing Docktown. One of their informants found them and described a longboat carrying passengers away from The Revenge toward the south. It was surmised that Snorg was trying to slip away. Athare managed to get an idea of some goods prepped to ship, the building layout, and the guard roster and rotation – including the fact that about half the crew of Missa’s ship had been sent to guard the goods. Then, he ducked out while Captain Kromarch still felt friendly. Once Athare was clear, Esverra informed the city guard that one of their number may have met serious trouble at the warehouse. The party regrouped and decided to charter a boat out to The Revenge. An offer to play some dice while awaiting Missa’s return got them on board. The first mate Leisman, with his flamboyant white outfit, complained to Hero about his Captain’s odd behavior, the questionable value of the hold full of plants they were carrying, and about having to shelter the recently unloaded Snorg. When Missa didn’t appear after a couple of hours, the group headed back to the docks. On the way, they were passed by a fast, small boat carrying a kobold assumed to be Missa’s steward. They questioned the rowers upon their return to the docks, and spied The Revenge weighing anchor and coming in to dock. At the warehouse, they found goods in transport back & forth to the docks. Bontraeger was able to identify a number of rare tropical plants, and Tyi confirmed some with alchemical usages. Nobody saw any sign of Missa, and the party felt there were just too many guards to fight thru, they decided to take Hero back to the citadel and introduce her to their benefactor, Lady Cymri, and collect the reward for Ileosa’s pendant they’d seized from Snorg. On the way, they swung by the hospice to check Yargin’s progress, which was limited. Inquiries about the source of his thaumaturgical knowledge turned up the name Doyle, a traveling wise elf who may have ties to the goblinoid emissaries at the palace, so the party continued on. After inquiring about Xaden, their sponsor agreed to help them get outfitted for a trip to the Halfling Isles to retrieve Snorg and inquire after Xaden. She agreed to get word to Hero’s coven, and agreed to Athare’s request for a spellcaster to get them to the Isles as fast as possible, as well as making inquiries about court for any information about Doyle. Tyi dropped in on Ilesoa, where he met her fiery new protector, Sabina Merrin. Apparently there were difficulties in reviving Rhyddryk Greenfellow due to the persistent poison used by the Gnomish death cult assassin. Ileosa was pleased with the return of her trinket, giving Tyi the 1200 GP reward (he told the party it was only 1000, pocketing an extra cut on the sly), then the group made some quick purchases and rested up for a morning assault. At dawn’s first light, they entered the Gate Ward and hired the services of Lamar, a neurotic elven spellcrux who was able to teleport the party to one of the main islands at a very reasonable price. By a stroke of luck, they appeared on a low, narrow dock just feet away from a filthy old man’s longboat pulling in. The man was screaming at two crying kids, one arm dangling grey and useless at his side. He looked to be wearing the same filthy bathrobe Esverra had seen paddling away from the fishery, and she said so. Bontraeger leaped on top of Snorg and began throttling him, which scared the kids into diving overboard. Esverra convinced the rowers that their lives would be a lot longer and with fewer shattered kneecaps if they ran away, so they hopped to. Hero just laughed her ass off. Tyi dragged the children from the water, then everybody began prying the dwarf off the old man, having noticed a unhealthy purple tinge to his face, a disturbing amount of tongue hanging out his mouth, and hearing a wheezing whistle of last gasp escape. The unconscious slaver was hogtied and given a thorough pat down. The children Peris (M, Human, capable) and Tigit (F, ELf, twit) were given a gold each and sent to make a new life among the Halflings. Since life in a Halfling community doesn’t really start till everyone has had second breakfast, the party decided to take in the town at a leisurely pace, secure a real boat back to Weathertop, and interrogate Snorg along the way.


If i remember Correctly Hero’s exact words were “OMG! OMG! Did you see his feet!” Followed by more fits of laughter.

7/17 game Session

Also don’t forget that Lady Cymri said she would look into the name I gave her as the person who brought me to Weathertop

7/17 game Session
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