7/31 Game Session

Since the group was still down by 2, Esverra & Hero dragged Tyi back to the well to finish exploring the mummies’ lair. They noticed that the glyph on the wall was smaller and less complicated than on the previous visit. They double-checked the area that had been cleared on the previous visit, and sent Tyi up the rope dangling from the ceiling. While Tyi poked the the cold remains of a hobgoblin camp site in a small ruined tower, Hero dropped a magically lit stone down the floor gate where it dropped down thru the murky water until vanishing from sight. When the Monk rejoined the women, Hero told him of the glowing object they had glimpsed in the water and convinced him to try diving down into the water. After a lot of elbow grease from Esverra and Tyi prying up the heavily weathered bars over the hole, Tyi plunged down into the grimy well. The stone bricks gave way to a widening oval of rough stone after about 20’. With his eyes burning from the gunk in the water, his chest screaming for air, and a crushing pressure on his eardrums, Tyi managed to dive down about 50’ where he could just see a glowing object on a small shelf a little deeper in the watery abyss. Unfortunately, he was unable to reach it, and returned to the surface to tell the ladies what he’d seen. Esverra bit her tongue to keep from laughing at Hero’s trickery.
After drying a bit, the team puzzled out how the odd square stone keys worked to open the giant doors in the main entry. At the end of the first long corridor bearing an inch of dust on the floor, they discovered a room full of add geometric carvings. The walls, ceiling, floor (under the thick dust coating), and large stone box in the middle of the room all bore a non-repeating pattern of engraved squares and triangles. The only un-embellished surfaces they could see were the three leather curtains on the back wall. Esverra found the box was surrounded by pressure plates that released a volley of poisoned darts from the walls. Tyi discovered that the curtains hid alcoves containing dozens of naked headless bodies from various races and times, along with a large stone lever.
The Gods of fortune laughed mercilessly as Esverra pulled the lever to reset the needle trap, then wandered out to the box and got herself shot in the neck, slumping unconscious over the box.
While Hero revived Esverra, Tyi puzzled out the hidden buttons that released the lid of the box. Within they discovered a small, aged wooden chest. Esverra decided she was sick of the gentle approach and smashed in the brittle wood. The chest split in two, and several handfuls of pearls rolled off into the thick dust. There was also a magic headband and small sack of gold in the chest. With some broom work and liberal application of prestidigitation, the trio managed to recover almost a hundred high-quality large pearls, ass well as definitively determining that the entire floor was just as covered in odd designs as the rest of the room.
Thru the last door, another long hall beckoned. This one had no sign of dust, just a very few cobwebs. These were torched immediately so as not to take any chances. At the end of the hall, a sarcophagus stood upright on a small dais. Both the sarcophagus and the wall behind it were covered in bas-relief sculptures of faces twisted into grimaces of pain and rage. Or so it appeared, as first the face on the coffin opened eyes of green fire and flew at the party, then most of the heads on the wall followed suit. The bat-winged, fire-eyed one screeched a horrifying wail that paralyzed Esverra and Hero in place. The others began spitting blasts of elemental energies as they swooped in, trying to bite the companions. Tyi fought them off his frozen friends, smashing skills left and right and littering the ground with half-petrified brains and skull bits. Esverra managed to shake off the effect first, and together she and Tyi smashed the last few flying heads. Within the sarcophagus was a large iridescent pearl, a pile of greasy ashes, and a sharpened wood stake. Also, a sliding wall section that opened on to a cold darkness that their spells could not penetrate. After the trio tied themselves together and poked around for a minute or so, a harsh, evil voice commanded them to get out. They felt his cold, life draining fingers clutch at their very souls. Their blades and chains slipped through his shadowy form without finding much of anything to cleave, and even Hero’s fire didn’t seem to have much effect. He demanded repeatedly that they leave, and when the adventurers refused, he slammed the door shut to seal them in with him. As they scrambled to find and open the door in the overwhelming darkness, they discovered their tomentor was hiding within the walls and clawing at them. They managed to get the door open and raced out of the complex, fearing pursuit.


Hey! Hero DID dry Tyi off after he got out of the water… and you left out the best part!

7/31 Game Session


7/31 Game Session

Also I didn’t trick him I asked him nicely if he would do it.

7/31 Game Session
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