7/8 Mini Session - Tyi

How to Schmooze a Drow Princess

Remember – this occurred the morning after the Gala, a couple of days ago.

Tyi showed up a little before lunch to the meeting Ileosa had requested. He discovered the interior of the giant stepped pyramid to be a little maze-like and confusing, with beautiful polished stone everywhere lit by magic from gold and silver sconces. At the Drow’s apartment, he met the Gnomish marks-woman Linnie Malds. They chatted, then the door was answered by a grizzled elven veteran in leaf-plate armor who introduced himself as Rhyddryk Greenfellow. Ileosa’s home was done in luxurious shades of gray, purple, and black, with a very bean-bags meets low japanese furnishings style. Ileosa apologized for her aggressive behavior, explaining that she needed him to keep silent about the rendezvous he had stumbled into the previous month in the Jengrid Combine. She explained it was a delicate political situation that could hurt both countries (the Combine and Weathertop) if it came to light. Tyi’s easy manner and ready acquiescence pleased Ileosa, and he piled on the charm. They flirted and discussed Tyi’s mercantile interests, leading to Ileosa ignoring her better judgement and…
A respectable amount of bodily fluids were exchanged, with surprisingly little BDSM or bondage for a Drow encounter.
Afterward, Ileosa had lunch brought up. While they relaxed and ate, the beautiful human kitchen servant (Jezebel by name) flirted brazenly with Tyi, which made him increasingly nervous. Ileosa asked Tyi about his adventuring companions, then asked a favor. She explained that a business partner had recently refurbished and re-opened the Golden Goblin gambling house along the river by the Marketplace. It seems he was claiming difficulties paying any gold back, despite rumors of very healthy business. She asks Tyi to “take a look” and see if there’s any reason for the delay in repayments. She suspects heavy skimming. If Tyi and friends can find evidence either way, she would be willing to pay them each a “few thousand gold”, or even consider turning over management of the casino to them. Tyi agreed while watching the serving girl do the lewd banana trick. Before Ileosa caught on to Jezebel’s escalating antics, a ruckus in the next room coupled with Rhyddryk’s cry of “Invader!” made Tyi spring into action. He found the elf in a blazing-fast duel against a dark-clad, ashen gnome covered in disturbing silvery runes. Tyi has a quick eye, but he could barely follow the guardsman’s blades or the gnome’s daggers. Rhyddryk was seeping blood from a handful of nicks and grazes, while the strangely silent gnome looked untouched. Tyi noticed that the elf seemed to be slowing, and lept into action. Literally. He vaulted over the combatants to land behind the invader and rain blows down on her. His first punch landed to little effect, and the gnome switched to fight them both, managing to keep the monk and the ranger at bay simultaneously for a while. However, Tyi’s distraction enabled Rhyddryk to sever one of the gnome’s hands. She never even whimpered. In a surprise move, she kicked her own fist so the knife still grasped in it was buried in Rhyddryk’s belly. Tyi seized her from behind and the elf buried both his swords deep into his foe before slumping to his knees and vomiting blood. Jezebel had stood in the door staring the whole time, and now Ileosa backhanded the girl out of the way and rushed to Rhyddryk. She watched the light leave his eyes, then turned to Tyi and the assassin. She told Tyi to get the hell out of her way, then distended her jaws like a snake about to swallow a gazelle. As Tyi tumbled across the floor, slipping in blood, a gout of white-hot dragonfire poured out of the Drow’s mouth and burned the diminutive invader to a crisp. Just as she was engulfed, she spoke the only noises she had made since her discovery. “I may have failed, but there will be others.”
Afterward, Ileosa explained she had been targeted by a death cult back in her homeland of Xaliech, and the Gnome was certainly one of their followers. Tyi asked after the assassin’s blades, and Ileosa allowed him to take them. She called for guards and priests, allowed Tyi to clean up, and said she’d see him again later. On his way from the apartment, Tyi offered to vouch for Linnie in case her guardianship was called into question over the whole affair. Then he proceeded to get lost trying to find the exit. Luckily he stumbled across Lee’uns assistant Rian down near the kitchens, who was able to guide him to the formal audience chamber and back into the open air.

DM’s apology: I had no intention of letting Tyi seduce a Drow. Through some disgustingly lucky rolls and the expenditure of a Hero Point, it ended up happening. Relations between members of different races are uncommon and considered akin to a minor sexual deviance in my campaign world- somewhere between the guy in the ER with his parts caught in the vacuum and the creepy guy who watches the playground a little too intently. This will end up being a secret Ileosa can hold over Tyi – revealing his dalliance could lead to shame and loss of face if it became public knowledge, and certainly hinder face-to-face business dealings. The Drow would suffer some embarrassment as well, but lets face it – she’s a lot scarier and less likely to have someone spit in her face or call her names. Someone called her a whore once. But only Once. A common epithet for a human who dallies with elves is “leaf-eater”. Feel free to come up with more Drow/spider/lolth related ones.


It’s be rude of me to point out Athare’s a half-elf, wouldn’t it.

7/8 Mini Session - Tyi

Only if you are suggesting that his parents weren’t half-elves as well. The vast majority of mixed-race folks are descendants of large-scale merging magic, not created by slap and tickle.

7/8 Mini Session - Tyi
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