9/25 Game Session

Raiding the Castle, part 2

(Chris was out of town, so Athare was in henchman mode)
Sorry, missed a few sessions. Will fill in soon.
Brief recap leading up to… Hero recalls she was held captive by a tattooed monk, who was collecting women again right before she was crated. The group put their work at the casino on hold to see what they could find out. They ‘port to Brassmane, hire a few boats to row out to the monk’s fort offshore, and break into it. Many guards are expected, and almost 20 women are released from their cells.

When the party reaches the second floor, they start running into guardsmen. The captives are given weapons and told to fortify themselves in a dead-end passage. One of the women warns Esverra about a vision she had, and that E must not accept a duel with Samiel. The axe-wielding guards are a mix of humans and half-orcs, and attack in the narrow winding corridors without fear of death, usually with a smile or joke for the invaders. They die easy enough.The heroes find a room full of discarded, damaged women who decline assistance but provide some handy information. The adventurers handle attack after attack, but run into problems due to a lack of maneuvering space in the hallways. Tyi sets off a flaming trap, and Esverra pushes past him to deal with the defenders. Tyi then manages to get bound up by a particularly grabby whip. Athare opened a secret door hiding the stairs to the third floor and got an elf-bane slingstone in the face for his troubles. Hero pursued the mastiff-riding halfling up the stairs, only to be warned off by a voice from the top of the staircase. Bontraeger decided to defend the captives by pushing more guardsmen down the stairs and wedging them there, then dashed thru the crowds to help Esverra trip up and put down more guards. Another dog-rider was spotted (both are halfling females, oddly). As more enemies press in from all sides, we put a pin in it for next week… (or maybe the week after). Nobody has seen any hint of the tattooed monk Samiel yet, just a lot of henchmen and signs of a lot of money.


Athare wasn’t a henchman he was my backup!

9/25 Game Session
damian_of_smith damian_of_smith

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