Dio (Dionysus)

Character concept


Enlightened paladin of freedom

Weapon type: Tetsubo (2handed bludgeoning)
Construction: Forged from the blades of the our winds warlords, and wrapped inthe living wood of the tree of life. Budo was then submersed in beer brewed from grains harvested by Demeter herself.
Moment of clarity – when weilded Budo removes all physical penalties for intoxication.
Fruit of the tree- Enlightened paladin abilities transfer through Budo as if it were the paladins unarmed strike.


Dio is a wandering warrior and harbinger of his namesake Baccus. Dio follows in the teachings of the god of wine and harvest bringing the celebration of good life and good drink to untold masses. Many have questioned the way in which he champions his deity. They question if he truly is a paladin. These people have not seen or heard of those he has saved from oppressive regimes or the slaves he has freed. Those who would nay say his resolve and dedication retract those words when he brings his tetsubo “Budo” to bear

Dio (Dionysus)

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