December 17th Session
Tyi's gone nuts (again)

So almost a year has gone by, and so much was not logged…

Sacking Sammiel’s fort and taking his children…
Run-ins with MIssa and her hideous garden…
Hiring on as casino guards to check out a business partner for Ileosa…
Draagus being imprisoned in crystal while fighting invading orc hordes to the North…
Hunting city guardsmen gone AWOL to run a meat shop…
Finding more reasons to despise Handy…
Visiting the old Iron-Dwarf city and meeting the new inhabitants…
Buying a new base of operations and planning its renovation…

Will have to revisit those later.

This week, we finished the brawl with Tyi at the Giggling Griffon Inn. Tyi had (once again) been exposed to Missa’s rage-roses and gone psychotic. After some help from Bontrager blowing out the wall in his room, Tyi blasted back into the common room and pulped a commoner. Pig pulled a similar number charging down the stairs. Esverra and Hero played damage control and tried to reign in their monk-y friend, when a new problem appeared – a psychotic glaive wielding gnome. Tee-hee, how cute, right?
Haelgrath started by laying out Esverra and chucking her down the stairs. It got worse, as he flattened both Tyi and Pig as well. Esverra had enough of it, and smashed his pole arm. As he tried to retreat, Hero called down a plague of monkeys on the stairs. Since the team had noticed he was wearing a badge indicating the psycho gnome was a servant of the ambassador Tashunka the Centaur (from the Sheencat Alliance of barbarian tribes <<note:>>), they opted to knock him out rather than go for blood. Both Tyi and Arkona recognized his facial tattoos as those of the eastern gnomish death cult, but nobody knew what to make of the strange red crystal implanted in his shoulder covered in gnomish runes of hate and revenge.
Once everyone was back to sane, they started cleaning up and found the gnome had shoved all of Tyi’s possessions out the hole in his room into the alleyway below. Tyi spent a long while picking up his stuff while the inn owner wailed about the damage.

Catching up to 1/22/15 session
Departing the Monk's isle... for now

So after… 6? 8? more? sessions battering against Sammiel and his forces, the heroes have decided to return to Weathertop to gain a little more power before confronting the monk again.

Not that they are fleeing, exactly. Just that the last 3 face-to-face encounters (…to-face-to-face-to-face…) have not gone quite to plan. Once the party fled for their lives, the other two Sammiel managed to give the party the slip after receiving a beat-down.

The Monk possesses some sort of self-replicating magic, allowing him to drum up a horde of himself to fight the invaders. He had hired the services of a mercenary tribe, the Flat Axes, to defend his fort. He had partnered with a mysterious noblewoman, the Lady Beech Aluset, who provided him with odd magic and her two halfling retainers. He also had the odd worm-magic of the site his fort was built on. And he had taken several dozen female hostages to engage in gladiatorial bouts and make babies with.

The Obisidian Shard (I think the party name is finally growing on the players) dealt Sammiel some serious setbacks. About 30 of the Flat Axers have earned a glorious afterlife by dying in battle. One of the vicious halfling twins was put down, and the other beaten into submission. The fort was set on fire, doing major damage to the third floor. Many tomes, maps, and other treasures were “liberated” by the party. Dozens of imprisoned women were set free, and one of Sammiel’s pregnant concubines died at their hands. The party has gained new allies in Raiia (a Dwarf who was disfigured and crippled when found, but the party healed her and she become quite the beauty), Mary (a manacled, de-winged, and spellblocked succubus), Kara Burha (a headstrong half-elf Magus who can drive her blade thru stone), Jean Arres (a human abjurer with powerful antimagic abilities), and of course Hero’s pregnant (?!?) bardic friend, Adech. They also managed to free Far’rah, a wizardess who impersonated Lady Aluset and helped the party abscond with her ship, the Falling Star. And maybe most importantly, they have snatched 5 1/2 infants (including Adech’s unborn child) that they believe are Sammiel’s offspring.

Not that there weren’t losses. Both Tyi and Esverra were gravely injured. A number of freed women were recaptured. The party still has little idea what Aluset is all about (though they know what she looks and sounds like, thanks to Far’rah). And the @*#$&^*& monk keeps slipping away when they think they have him on the ropes. He still has possession of his keep and will probably rebuild. And one of the halflings, with her blasphemous stone altar, is still working with him.

After the party’s last encounter with Sammiel on the beach, they returned to the the stolen ship and set sail for Kage. Far’rah had changed her appearance to that of the “Bitch Queen”, Lady Beech Aluset. She greeted the returning group with her hoarse whisper, explaining her dusky grey skin, black hair, and vivid orange eyes, as a ploy to keep the two-dozen crewmen following orders. She called dibs on the captain’s chambers and refused to allow her rescuers to plunder them. After travelling peacefully all day, the ship was stopped in place by a standing wave of water. A 16’ tall blue-green woman stepped over the wave, dripping water and surrounded by steam. She claimed she’d been chasing the ship for 7 days and demanded the captain give her the stolen “lava”. The first mate Torgay took Esverra and Bontraeger belowdecks to show them an amazing sight – two hovering crystal jugs full of bright, powdered coldness. Esverra figured a way to tow one up on deck (the other followed on it’s own). While Tyi tried to convince the group to test their mettle against Deorhael before giving up the treasure, the rest of the party decided to grant the request. As they watched, she drank the brilliant but deadly stuff. As the steam around her dissipated, she thanked Aluset/Far’rah, claiming she’d been “burning for years”, and offered to grant her a wish in return. The party put their heads together and decided to wish their newly won boat could fly and that everyone on board knew how to fly it. Genie nod, poof, flying boat. Deorhael returned to the sea and the ship continued on its merry airborne way.

In Kage, plans were made. The party decided to fetch Dariante, their teleport spellcrux, for a quick return to Weathertop, and entrust Far’rah with the Falling Star (and a large shipment of talismans and rare ores that Tyi purchased), asking her to meet them in Weathertop. While preparations were finalized, the ship was attacked by mermen. They claimed the ship had “sentenced them to death”, and that they “would all freeze now”, along with other dire claims. Several crewmen were lost, but they were able to repel the attackers and dispel the water elemental that they had called to assist. However, they had levitated the boat out of the reach of the climbing merfolk. Everyone at that end of the docks had seen, so the attempt to keep the boat’s abilities a secret was a failure.

Bontraeger had some disturbing dreams that night. - Bontraeger’s dream
Lady Cymri’s visitor asking after Hero.

Next: Return to Weathertop!!

10/9 Game Session
Raiding the Castle, part 3

Hero reaches the third floor and knocks out the rock-hurling halfing. Athare has her back, and gets the riding dog under control. They lock the halfling in with the only male captive found so far, another halfling who was concerned about the dog-rider’s well-being. Esverra dropped a pile of fog in the long corridor that enemies kept coming from, then rounded up a few freed women to strip fallen foes of armor and weapons and throw their bodies down the disposal chute. Bontraeger and Pig intercepted a masked man in yellow pajamas (smeared in gore) coming up the stairs. Pig kept knocking him down until Bontraeger and Esverra could pry loose the secret door and jam it into the lower stairwell. An explosion and an attack got the freed captives riled and fleeing. Athare led some up the unfinished tower, where they were able to climb down the scaffolding to try and reach the adventurer’s boats. Tyi led others behind Hero as she searched the third floor for “the Nursery”. Athare returned to floor 2, found a few boudoirs, re-rigged the flame trap, and played catch with enemies on the other side of the fog. As a parting gift, he set them on fire and rejoined the group. Tyi followed Hero’s lead as they investigated a series of quarters and linen closets. While doing so he kept shouting out challenges for Samiel, but never got a response. They found a few trapped and locked metal doors, a dangerous staircase, and a long training room. Bontraeger determined the floor was probably trapped, but couldn’t quite determine the trigger. More guards came up the stairs but were quickly dealt with. One was questioned before he met his goddess. The human showed no fear of death, biting Tyi’s ankles after the monk wrenched both of the man’s kneecaps, and pulling a dagger from his own flesh to stab Tyi in the foot after his throat was slit. Meanwhile, Hero discovered an acrophobic shortcut to a plush private room. About the same time, Esverra tried to lead her group of parolees through the door to the same room. Both Esverra and Hero fell victim to powerful magical wards protecting it. Athare found Esverra senseless on the floor and was able to bypass the door’s trap. Inside, he saw a small room with no opposite wall, just a beautiful dawn cloudscape stretching off into forever. An empty easel and a small bell hanging over it were the only objects within. We were all drooping, so the invasion will have to stretch into a 4th session…

9/25 Game Session
Raiding the Castle, part 2

(Chris was out of town, so Athare was in henchman mode)
Sorry, missed a few sessions. Will fill in soon.
Brief recap leading up to… Hero recalls she was held captive by a tattooed monk, who was collecting women again right before she was crated. The group put their work at the casino on hold to see what they could find out. They ‘port to Brassmane, hire a few boats to row out to the monk’s fort offshore, and break into it. Many guards are expected, and almost 20 women are released from their cells.

When the party reaches the second floor, they start running into guardsmen. The captives are given weapons and told to fortify themselves in a dead-end passage. One of the women warns Esverra about a vision she had, and that E must not accept a duel with Samiel. The axe-wielding guards are a mix of humans and half-orcs, and attack in the narrow winding corridors without fear of death, usually with a smile or joke for the invaders. They die easy enough.The heroes find a room full of discarded, damaged women who decline assistance but provide some handy information. The adventurers handle attack after attack, but run into problems due to a lack of maneuvering space in the hallways. Tyi sets off a flaming trap, and Esverra pushes past him to deal with the defenders. Tyi then manages to get bound up by a particularly grabby whip. Athare opened a secret door hiding the stairs to the third floor and got an elf-bane slingstone in the face for his troubles. Hero pursued the mastiff-riding halfling up the stairs, only to be warned off by a voice from the top of the staircase. Bontraeger decided to defend the captives by pushing more guardsmen down the stairs and wedging them there, then dashed thru the crowds to help Esverra trip up and put down more guards. Another dog-rider was spotted (both are halfling females, oddly). As more enemies press in from all sides, we put a pin in it for next week… (or maybe the week after). Nobody has seen any hint of the tattooed monk Samiel yet, just a lot of henchmen and signs of a lot of money.

7/31 Game Session

Since the group was still down by 2, Esverra & Hero dragged Tyi back to the well to finish exploring the mummies’ lair. They noticed that the glyph on the wall was smaller and less complicated than on the previous visit. They double-checked the area that had been cleared on the previous visit, and sent Tyi up the rope dangling from the ceiling. While Tyi poked the the cold remains of a hobgoblin camp site in a small ruined tower, Hero dropped a magically lit stone down the floor gate where it dropped down thru the murky water until vanishing from sight. When the Monk rejoined the women, Hero told him of the glowing object they had glimpsed in the water and convinced him to try diving down into the water. After a lot of elbow grease from Esverra and Tyi prying up the heavily weathered bars over the hole, Tyi plunged down into the grimy well. The stone bricks gave way to a widening oval of rough stone after about 20’. With his eyes burning from the gunk in the water, his chest screaming for air, and a crushing pressure on his eardrums, Tyi managed to dive down about 50’ where he could just see a glowing object on a small shelf a little deeper in the watery abyss. Unfortunately, he was unable to reach it, and returned to the surface to tell the ladies what he’d seen. Esverra bit her tongue to keep from laughing at Hero’s trickery.
After drying a bit, the team puzzled out how the odd square stone keys worked to open the giant doors in the main entry. At the end of the first long corridor bearing an inch of dust on the floor, they discovered a room full of add geometric carvings. The walls, ceiling, floor (under the thick dust coating), and large stone box in the middle of the room all bore a non-repeating pattern of engraved squares and triangles. The only un-embellished surfaces they could see were the three leather curtains on the back wall. Esverra found the box was surrounded by pressure plates that released a volley of poisoned darts from the walls. Tyi discovered that the curtains hid alcoves containing dozens of naked headless bodies from various races and times, along with a large stone lever.
The Gods of fortune laughed mercilessly as Esverra pulled the lever to reset the needle trap, then wandered out to the box and got herself shot in the neck, slumping unconscious over the box.
While Hero revived Esverra, Tyi puzzled out the hidden buttons that released the lid of the box. Within they discovered a small, aged wooden chest. Esverra decided she was sick of the gentle approach and smashed in the brittle wood. The chest split in two, and several handfuls of pearls rolled off into the thick dust. There was also a magic headband and small sack of gold in the chest. With some broom work and liberal application of prestidigitation, the trio managed to recover almost a hundred high-quality large pearls, ass well as definitively determining that the entire floor was just as covered in odd designs as the rest of the room.
Thru the last door, another long hall beckoned. This one had no sign of dust, just a very few cobwebs. These were torched immediately so as not to take any chances. At the end of the hall, a sarcophagus stood upright on a small dais. Both the sarcophagus and the wall behind it were covered in bas-relief sculptures of faces twisted into grimaces of pain and rage. Or so it appeared, as first the face on the coffin opened eyes of green fire and flew at the party, then most of the heads on the wall followed suit. The bat-winged, fire-eyed one screeched a horrifying wail that paralyzed Esverra and Hero in place. The others began spitting blasts of elemental energies as they swooped in, trying to bite the companions. Tyi fought them off his frozen friends, smashing skills left and right and littering the ground with half-petrified brains and skull bits. Esverra managed to shake off the effect first, and together she and Tyi smashed the last few flying heads. Within the sarcophagus was a large iridescent pearl, a pile of greasy ashes, and a sharpened wood stake. Also, a sliding wall section that opened on to a cold darkness that their spells could not penetrate. After the trio tied themselves together and poked around for a minute or so, a harsh, evil voice commanded them to get out. They felt his cold, life draining fingers clutch at their very souls. Their blades and chains slipped through his shadowy form without finding much of anything to cleave, and even Hero’s fire didn’t seem to have much effect. He demanded repeatedly that they leave, and when the adventurers refused, he slammed the door shut to seal them in with him. As they scrambled to find and open the door in the overwhelming darkness, they discovered their tomentor was hiding within the walls and clawing at them. They managed to get the door open and raced out of the complex, fearing pursuit.

7/24 Game Session
Snorg bites it

Our intrepid heroes dragged the tied & gagged Snorg into town in hopes of finding breakfast. Smoke from a cooking fire led them to a gnome-run establishment, where the slightly manic proprietor served them an array of beverages and cooked up an interesting fish, peppers, & eggs dish. They settled on a plan, then went and found a boat. It turned out the captain, a Wayang named Ewarka, was indebted to Hudis and Athare, so they were given ample privacy to have a chat with the old codger. Snorg was hostile and self assured. It wasn’t until he was threatened with the infected blood from Bontraeger’s brother that he gave any useful answers. It was revealed that Snorg expected to be cured in the near future by some other-planar entity. He had received the poison as a gift from a friend, and his own poisoning was from an accidental spill. Bontraeger’s brother Baern had approached Snorg about the work, but had a change of heart after learning the details of the proposed site (including the terrible conditions, the large holding spaces for children, and the Drow and Duergar methods and materials to be used). His poisoning was a test to see what the poison could do. He also told Esverra that the lies he’d spread about her were the sardonicus’ suggestion. “I was told it would bring all your wealth and power within my grasp.” From the bag in the corner, the bottled imp shouted “No, I said it would bring her and all her wealth and power within your reach,” then it giggled evilly. (RETCON) Snorg tried to bribe and threaten the party, and assured them any foul play would only result in retribution from his “men”, and that he’d find a way to return from the grave to haunt them. Nonplussed, Tyi slit his throat. As Snorg gurgled his last, the silvery runes in his flesh turned to dust and the gray/purple/black discoloration of the toxin spread across his whole body. Esverra said, “Too easy to bring him back from that,” and lopped off the head. The party then dumped his body into the sea. Hours and miles later, his head followed.
A little later, the emergency bell summoned the party above deck. There was a pirate ship closing with them on a ramming course and flying a parlay flag. The captain asked if the party had any idea what was up, but the ship was not familiar to anybody. In the face of a larger foe, Ewarka furled his sails and dropped anchor. A familiar shadow-shrouded cloaked figure on the other ship demanded Snorg. When the captain told him Snorg was not on board, Lou (or is it Lew? maybe Loo?) threatened to search the whole ship, claiming that he knew Snorg was there earlier in the day. Tyi stepped from hiding and said he could tell them where Snorg was. Then he did just that. Many of the pirates visibly relaxed when they heard about the slaver’s fate. After going below decks on his own ship for several minutes, Lew called back his boarding party and set sail to the South.

Along the trip, keen-eyed observers had spotted airships flying to the south. Closer to Weathertop, a giant ring of fire was seen on the water near the military docks, with ships sailing in one side but not out of the other. Once they made landfall, it was easy to discover that some sort of fighting had broken out in the Southern Seas, and much of the city’s naval forces were being transported there. Also, Draagus had left via gate not long after the party had that very morning, along with hundreds of troops and most of the Sable Guard. The party returned to the city proper. They were headed to the palace at the far end, but made a few stops along the way. First to check on Zellara, who was still lingering and offered to perform a reading of the cards to help them navigate the future. The cards revealed promising developments with Baern, so the next stop was the hospice. There they found Yargin had enlisted the help of a strange patchwork creature called Listhere. They were excited about their progress, but needed a mithril ring. Bontraeger had no difficulty getting one right away. The duo promise a report later in the day, and the group continued to the marketplace. Tyi had bartered for half a crate of spices on board Ewarka’s ship, and he managed to double his investment in about half an hour. The rest of the group begins to believe maybe their shirtless friend has a future as a merchant. Then, off to the palace. Unfortuantely, Cymri was tied up in some kind of council meeting, with a note on the door saying “piss off”. The group decided not to barge in. Lee’un’s assistant Rian Fredricksen instead took them to Cymri’s office, where a letter had been left for Hero. Hero is informed that the travelling peddler who may have been responsible for bringing her to Weathertop left town a few weeks ago, but regularly visits the city 3-4 times a year. Nobody was sure what to make of the discrepancy in the timeline.
Bontraeger decided to check on his brother again (Ryan had to leave early), and Athare was summoned by Hudis (Chris was out of town). The rest of the group decided it was time to see what was up in the pit. After paying the silver for a guide, they were lead down a strange stone stair running around the outside of the bottomless hole to a spidery green glyph on the wall. The guide read the markings as something evil reawakening, threatening a large area. They stepped thru into a torrential rain. A short ways off, they saw an ancient stone door that looked like it had been split by the lighting that was crashing all around, so they ducked out of the growing hail into the caverns beyond. One of the 3 doors within also gave way under the fury of the storm, and the group found themselves again in a swarm of rats. Once the vermin scattered, they proceeded deeper into the tor, where they ran into hobgoblins that had climbed down a rope thru a hole in the ceiling. The goblinoids were dispatched with haste, and further delving took them into a web-filled room where Esverra learned first hand how sticky those webs can be, just how hard Tyi can punch, and felt the burn of strength-sapping venom. A magical glare from Hero managed to light the spiders and their webs on fire. The party next discovered 4 more dead “hobs” with their throats torn out lying at the feat of two dead and dessicated hobgoblins seated in oversized thrones, dressed in knightly tabards, and surrounded by ancient and rusted lances and maces. Of course, when the party entered, the dead ones stood up and told them to bugger off. Melee ensued and the four recent corpses joined in. Tyi took perhaps the worst beating of his life, and everyone was hurt, but the restless dead were eventually put down. They found a goodly pile of gold and silver scattered in the sand of the room, a scroll with 2 copies of Limited Wish, 3 strange stone blocks that probably opened the doors in the main entry, and a bloodstained bone ring glowing with necromantic power (RETCON). Fearing any other onslaught, the bruised trio decided to return to Weathertop and rest.

Quick Note: I got tired of typing “Bontraeger’s brother”, so now he’s Baern. Also, please note the two tiny tweaks to the nights activities.

7/17 game Session
Missa's shipment & Snorg's capture

While Athare nosed around the warehouse, the rest of the party spent a couple of hours carousing Docktown. One of their informants found them and described a longboat carrying passengers away from The Revenge toward the south. It was surmised that Snorg was trying to slip away. Athare managed to get an idea of some goods prepped to ship, the building layout, and the guard roster and rotation – including the fact that about half the crew of Missa’s ship had been sent to guard the goods. Then, he ducked out while Captain Kromarch still felt friendly. Once Athare was clear, Esverra informed the city guard that one of their number may have met serious trouble at the warehouse. The party regrouped and decided to charter a boat out to The Revenge. An offer to play some dice while awaiting Missa’s return got them on board. The first mate Leisman, with his flamboyant white outfit, complained to Hero about his Captain’s odd behavior, the questionable value of the hold full of plants they were carrying, and about having to shelter the recently unloaded Snorg. When Missa didn’t appear after a couple of hours, the group headed back to the docks. On the way, they were passed by a fast, small boat carrying a kobold assumed to be Missa’s steward. They questioned the rowers upon their return to the docks, and spied The Revenge weighing anchor and coming in to dock. At the warehouse, they found goods in transport back & forth to the docks. Bontraeger was able to identify a number of rare tropical plants, and Tyi confirmed some with alchemical usages. Nobody saw any sign of Missa, and the party felt there were just too many guards to fight thru, they decided to take Hero back to the citadel and introduce her to their benefactor, Lady Cymri, and collect the reward for Ileosa’s pendant they’d seized from Snorg. On the way, they swung by the hospice to check Yargin’s progress, which was limited. Inquiries about the source of his thaumaturgical knowledge turned up the name Doyle, a traveling wise elf who may have ties to the goblinoid emissaries at the palace, so the party continued on. After inquiring about Xaden, their sponsor agreed to help them get outfitted for a trip to the Halfling Isles to retrieve Snorg and inquire after Xaden. She agreed to get word to Hero’s coven, and agreed to Athare’s request for a spellcaster to get them to the Isles as fast as possible, as well as making inquiries about court for any information about Doyle. Tyi dropped in on Ilesoa, where he met her fiery new protector, Sabina Merrin. Apparently there were difficulties in reviving Rhyddryk Greenfellow due to the persistent poison used by the Gnomish death cult assassin. Ileosa was pleased with the return of her trinket, giving Tyi the 1200 GP reward (he told the party it was only 1000, pocketing an extra cut on the sly), then the group made some quick purchases and rested up for a morning assault. At dawn’s first light, they entered the Gate Ward and hired the services of Lamar, a neurotic elven spellcrux who was able to teleport the party to one of the main islands at a very reasonable price. By a stroke of luck, they appeared on a low, narrow dock just feet away from a filthy old man’s longboat pulling in. The man was screaming at two crying kids, one arm dangling grey and useless at his side. He looked to be wearing the same filthy bathrobe Esverra had seen paddling away from the fishery, and she said so. Bontraeger leaped on top of Snorg and began throttling him, which scared the kids into diving overboard. Esverra convinced the rowers that their lives would be a lot longer and with fewer shattered kneecaps if they ran away, so they hopped to. Hero just laughed her ass off. Tyi dragged the children from the water, then everybody began prying the dwarf off the old man, having noticed a unhealthy purple tinge to his face, a disturbing amount of tongue hanging out his mouth, and hearing a wheezing whistle of last gasp escape. The unconscious slaver was hogtied and given a thorough pat down. The children Peris (M, Human, capable) and Tigit (F, ELf, twit) were given a gold each and sent to make a new life among the Halflings. Since life in a Halfling community doesn’t really start till everyone has had second breakfast, the party decided to take in the town at a leisurely pace, secure a real boat back to Weathertop, and interrogate Snorg along the way.

7/10 Game
Warehouse via the cellar door

Our intrepid heroes worked their way from the scene of the rat horde down to Docktown. They spent a while surveiling the warehouse that Snorg might be hiding under. It appeared that security was in place, with standing guards, rooftop patrols, and lookouts upstairs. Athare realized he had a contact nearby, the glassblower Selya. This friend had noticed some extra activity at the warehouse the last few days, but had few details. He did offer that his cranky neighbor Egland was rumored to be an expert on the tunnels under this part of town. After bribing the neighbor with some fresh-squeezed oranges (and a fistful of gold), the old man offered to lead the group to some blocked tunnels that offered the best access to the building in question.
The party trickled over to Egland’s house, and began exploring the passages around the warehouse. Several were blocked off with solid Dwarven stonework, and a cave-in prevented access to a third. While poking about, the group was accosted by a tiger-headed human. Athare was able to smooth things over, and Lhassa let them off with a warning not to bring the sable guard into “his” tunnels. Bontraeger suggested trying a different tunnel, where a secret door was found that lead to a scorched bone-pit covered with a crisped, poisonous skin. Activating the door on the other side stirred up a nasty black caustic dust that got the whole team coughing pretty good. However, getting out of the trap landed them in front of a room full of crossbow-armed guards.
Esverra and Hero managed to blind and fog-enshroud the guards while Tyi unleashed his furious fists. Esverra also waded in, slicing and dicing. Athare stumbled across the leader and “convinced” him to talk things over. The guards laid down their arms, and Athare buddied up to his new friend. There was no sign of Snorg, so the group was inclined to move on. Athare, however, wanted to hang out for a few hours and get a solid grasp of the operations at this location.

7/8 Mini Session - Tyi
How to Schmooze a Drow Princess

Remember – this occurred the morning after the Gala, a couple of days ago.

Tyi showed up a little before lunch to the meeting Ileosa had requested. He discovered the interior of the giant stepped pyramid to be a little maze-like and confusing, with beautiful polished stone everywhere lit by magic from gold and silver sconces. At the Drow’s apartment, he met the Gnomish marks-woman Linnie Malds. They chatted, then the door was answered by a grizzled elven veteran in leaf-plate armor who introduced himself as Rhyddryk Greenfellow. Ileosa’s home was done in luxurious shades of gray, purple, and black, with a very bean-bags meets low japanese furnishings style. Ileosa apologized for her aggressive behavior, explaining that she needed him to keep silent about the rendezvous he had stumbled into the previous month in the Jengrid Combine. She explained it was a delicate political situation that could hurt both countries (the Combine and Weathertop) if it came to light. Tyi’s easy manner and ready acquiescence pleased Ileosa, and he piled on the charm. They flirted and discussed Tyi’s mercantile interests, leading to Ileosa ignoring her better judgement and…
A respectable amount of bodily fluids were exchanged, with surprisingly little BDSM or bondage for a Drow encounter.
Afterward, Ileosa had lunch brought up. While they relaxed and ate, the beautiful human kitchen servant (Jezebel by name) flirted brazenly with Tyi, which made him increasingly nervous. Ileosa asked Tyi about his adventuring companions, then asked a favor. She explained that a business partner had recently refurbished and re-opened the Golden Goblin gambling house along the river by the Marketplace. It seems he was claiming difficulties paying any gold back, despite rumors of very healthy business. She asks Tyi to “take a look” and see if there’s any reason for the delay in repayments. She suspects heavy skimming. If Tyi and friends can find evidence either way, she would be willing to pay them each a “few thousand gold”, or even consider turning over management of the casino to them. Tyi agreed while watching the serving girl do the lewd banana trick. Before Ileosa caught on to Jezebel’s escalating antics, a ruckus in the next room coupled with Rhyddryk’s cry of “Invader!” made Tyi spring into action. He found the elf in a blazing-fast duel against a dark-clad, ashen gnome covered in disturbing silvery runes. Tyi has a quick eye, but he could barely follow the guardsman’s blades or the gnome’s daggers. Rhyddryk was seeping blood from a handful of nicks and grazes, while the strangely silent gnome looked untouched. Tyi noticed that the elf seemed to be slowing, and lept into action. Literally. He vaulted over the combatants to land behind the invader and rain blows down on her. His first punch landed to little effect, and the gnome switched to fight them both, managing to keep the monk and the ranger at bay simultaneously for a while. However, Tyi’s distraction enabled Rhyddryk to sever one of the gnome’s hands. She never even whimpered. In a surprise move, she kicked her own fist so the knife still grasped in it was buried in Rhyddryk’s belly. Tyi seized her from behind and the elf buried both his swords deep into his foe before slumping to his knees and vomiting blood. Jezebel had stood in the door staring the whole time, and now Ileosa backhanded the girl out of the way and rushed to Rhyddryk. She watched the light leave his eyes, then turned to Tyi and the assassin. She told Tyi to get the hell out of her way, then distended her jaws like a snake about to swallow a gazelle. As Tyi tumbled across the floor, slipping in blood, a gout of white-hot dragonfire poured out of the Drow’s mouth and burned the diminutive invader to a crisp. Just as she was engulfed, she spoke the only noises she had made since her discovery. “I may have failed, but there will be others.”
Afterward, Ileosa explained she had been targeted by a death cult back in her homeland of Xaliech, and the Gnome was certainly one of their followers. Tyi asked after the assassin’s blades, and Ileosa allowed him to take them. She called for guards and priests, allowed Tyi to clean up, and said she’d see him again later. On his way from the apartment, Tyi offered to vouch for Linnie in case her guardianship was called into question over the whole affair. Then he proceeded to get lost trying to find the exit. Luckily he stumbled across Lee’uns assistant Rian down near the kitchens, who was able to guide him to the formal audience chamber and back into the open air.

DM’s apology: I had no intention of letting Tyi seduce a Drow. Through some disgustingly lucky rolls and the expenditure of a Hero Point, it ended up happening. Relations between members of different races are uncommon and considered akin to a minor sexual deviance in my campaign world- somewhere between the guy in the ER with his parts caught in the vacuum and the creepy guy who watches the playground a little too intently. This will end up being a secret Ileosa can hold over Tyi – revealing his dalliance could lead to shame and loss of face if it became public knowledge, and certainly hinder face-to-face business dealings. The Drow would suffer some embarrassment as well, but lets face it – she’s a lot scarier and less likely to have someone spit in her face or call her names. Someone called her a whore once. But only Once. A common epithet for a human who dallies with elves is “leaf-eater”. Feel free to come up with more Drow/spider/lolth related ones.

6/26 Game
WeatherTop at WAR!

After an exciting evening of hospital visits and and shakedowns, the party returns to Hudis’ house to rest up. Hudis informs them that the imprisoned demon they found among Snorg’s treasures is a Sardonicus, a powerful oracle with a habit of lying to meet its own ends.
In the early dawn hours, town criers walk the streets announcing the Orcish Horde has overrun the defenses of the Jengrid Combine and is headed South towards the city. Rather than waiting a few weeks for the 14,000+ goblinoids to reach the city, Draagus is mobilizing the military and will personally lead them north to stop the invasion.
Tyi is concerned for his homeland and their closest neightbors, and Esverra is sorely tempted to tag along to see how much damage the dragon can do, but everyone agrees their priority is hunting down Snorg and finding a cure for Bontraeger’s brother rather than enlisting.
Athare calls on his network of informant, who report that Missa’s ship is still anchored off the coast and riding low in the water. Several smaller craft have shuttled back and forth to the docks, but there has been no sign of Snorg. Athare advises everyone to keep an eye out for the old man Esverra has described.
The group decided to try and get the wands & armaments they found in Snorg’s fishery identified and take Hero to the White Tower to get a scroll to that end. Hero’s healer contact lives along the way, as does one of Llywellyn’s bolt holes that the captive Yargin told the party about. The secret room is hidden in corner of a bank, with a pivoting wall giving access to the bank interior. Unfortuantely the hidey-hole is empty, so they move on. Hygrid turns out to be a burly human witch with a really big frog for a familiar. Hero manages to charm the heck out of Hygrid, who offers to swap magical knowledge between their familiars. The party leaves Hero and her mongoose Khali with Hagrid and proceeds to the White Tower to buy an identify scroll and some other items, especially a wand of healing.
They return to pick up Hero before returning to Docktown. Two blocks later, a horde of rats that escaped from their goblin handlers intersects the group and melee ensues. After scattering half the vermin and saving a local wizard from being gnawed to death, the party races from the scene with the Wagon Master Bontraeger at the reins. They proceed to the warehouse that Yargin mentioned as having hidden living space below and a shipment of quasi-legal goods ready for transport to the Old Kingdoms.


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