6/26 Game
WeatherTop at WAR!

After an exciting evening of hospital visits and and shakedowns, the party returns to Hudis’ house to rest up. Hudis informs them that the imprisoned demon they found among Snorg’s treasures is a Sardonicus, a powerful oracle with a habit of lying to meet its own ends.
In the early dawn hours, town criers walk the streets announcing the Orcish Horde has overrun the defenses of the Jengrid Combine and is headed South towards the city. Rather than waiting a few weeks for the 14,000+ goblinoids to reach the city, Draagus is mobilizing the military and will personally lead them north to stop the invasion.
Tyi is concerned for his homeland and their closest neightbors, and Esverra is sorely tempted to tag along to see how much damage the dragon can do, but everyone agrees their priority is hunting down Snorg and finding a cure for Bontraeger’s brother rather than enlisting.
Athare calls on his network of informant, who report that Missa’s ship is still anchored off the coast and riding low in the water. Several smaller craft have shuttled back and forth to the docks, but there has been no sign of Snorg. Athare advises everyone to keep an eye out for the old man Esverra has described.
The group decided to try and get the wands & armaments they found in Snorg’s fishery identified and take Hero to the White Tower to get a scroll to that end. Hero’s healer contact lives along the way, as does one of Llywellyn’s bolt holes that the captive Yargin told the party about. The secret room is hidden in corner of a bank, with a pivoting wall giving access to the bank interior. Unfortuantely the hidey-hole is empty, so they move on. Hygrid turns out to be a burly human witch with a really big frog for a familiar. Hero manages to charm the heck out of Hygrid, who offers to swap magical knowledge between their familiars. The party leaves Hero and her mongoose Khali with Hagrid and proceeds to the White Tower to buy an identify scroll and some other items, especially a wand of healing.
They return to pick up Hero before returning to Docktown. Two blocks later, a horde of rats that escaped from their goblin handlers intersects the group and melee ensues. After scattering half the vermin and saving a local wizard from being gnawed to death, the party races from the scene with the Wagon Master Bontraeger at the reins. They proceed to the warehouse that Yargin mentioned as having hidden living space below and a shipment of quasi-legal goods ready for transport to the Old Kingdoms.

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