Tag: Human


  • Esverra of the Iron Talons Tribe

    This barbarian woman from the north champions truth, her friends, and enforces her vision of propriety with her magnificent greatsword, Angelfang. You can read about how she won the sword from its previous owner in [[Esverra's Saga | Esverra's Saga]].

  • Tyi Zakh-Reah

    This impulsive young monk from a secret society in the mountains is covered in dragon-themed tattoos and is a staunch champion of his draconic goddess.

  • Xaden Finnegan

    After meeting the group and securing a sponsor in Lady Cymri, Xaden had to leave Weathertop in a rush to try and save his younger brother from an assassin tracking him. Everyone wishes Xaden luck in his quest!

  • -NPC: Lady Cymri of Slaaylen

    The lady Cymri was attacked by forces that managed to overwhelm her honor guard while travelling to her post as Ambassador from the Witch-Queen's nation of Brassmane. Xaden's intervention and quick thinking managed to save her and destroy her foes. In …

  • Auryn Duran

    The mercenary life finally made him feel estranged from his family, but may also be the only way for him to fit in with them again. _Verra, Eauen, Elza, Elaina. I'm sorry but I have to leave for a time, I will be back for you. Nothing will stop that …