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Meanwhile back at the Hall of Justice! …errr Weathertop…

Disclaimer this is just stuff that popped out of [Tracy’s] head – Damian is the story teller on this one so anything in this may or may not end up as cannon. Any part of this might in future be rewritten, redacted or retracted. especially considering it is not from my characters perspective. you have been warned! (Also reading this may cause cancer or birth defects in the state of California.)]

The sound of his hard soled boots echoed through out the chamber as his
impatience grew. tic-tak tic-tak tic-tak shook tic-tak tic-tak tic-tak. Cymri smiled letting an amused snort escape her nose.

“Brooding like a caged animal wont bring her back any faster Master Duran. They will return, or they will not. I prefer the former but there is no sense in prematurely aging your brow with that perpetual scowl. Come, sit, have some tea and we will have a little chat just to pass the time.”

Warmly she gestured to the plush chair on her right inviting him to sit. One of the Princess’s entourage poured a hot cup of tea and laid an assortment of pastries even before the man had a chance to decline. He looked at her as if he had just noticed she was there, and then at the refreshment like some strange delicacy from a far off land, but he stepped toward her and slowly sat awkwardly taking up the cup of black current and hibiscus tea.

“Now isn’t that better?” she sipped from her own cup too quickly and winced slightly from the pain of the hot beverage searing her tongue.

“Who are these people that the Baroness is consorting with, this obsidian shard?” he said quietly.

She almost leaned in to hear his words they had been so soft. The steam rising from his tea quickly dissipated as he brought the cup near his lips to blow on it. something was fascinating about this man Cymri thought, but she couldn’t put a finger on what it was about him. the way he moved? the tone of his voice? He accent seemed that he might be one of her vassals but there was more there.

“I don’t believe she sees herself that way. As a lady I mean. She put on no airs. As a matter of fact if it were not for the letter from my mother that you brought I would have thought her merely a peasant.”

He gave her a hard look that made her think she had made some unknown faux pas or stepped beyond her bounds. but he gave her no time to ponder it. Setting the cup down firmly he looked at her directly in the eye.

“The obsidian shard, Who are they? Lady Hero’s safety is important to me. I need to know that she is in good hands. Without her my life may never get back t…” He trailed off clenching his fists. “Who are they highness. please I must know.”

So close, he had almost shown his hand but regained composure just in time. his eyes bore into hers awaiting her response. in her youth Cymri would have reassured him and in doing so lost a chance at learning about him and his pursuits.

“They, are my retainers. I sponsor them in their endeavors and in turn as I have needs where they might be of use, they may fulfill them.” she leaned back into the fainting couch and crossed her legs toward him an intentionally smug smile on her face. She was frustrating him his eyes had narrowed slightly and his next statement was carefully worded.

“Are they competent? Mind you this isn’t my first party highness, I have heard rumor of them, I ask only to get your perspective first hand. What do you think of them?”

She took the smugness out of her smile making it look forced. It may not be his first party, but she didn’t think he was ready to dance with her just yet.

“Answering that might be a conflict of interest until I know your aspirations, don’t you think? You’ve come to me to find a back wood girl in my employ and you have yet to say what your intentions are, I would not allow her to come to harm if it were within my power. and until I have assessed your threat Master Duran, Slayer of Orcs, savior of Thant, and purveyor of death, If that’s who you truly are, I don’t care if you never see her.” She spat the last words at him and studied him carefully and was surprised to see his anger melt away into almost maniacal laughter. He clapped his hands together and sipped his tea.

“Good.” he said once he had settled himself. Apparently he had gotten some of the information he had required, and that information was about herself not about Hero or the others.

“Awww, now don’t you start frowning, as you said don’t age yourself prematurely.” he said just as one of the servants opened the door slightly.

“Lady Cymri, the Ebon shard and guests to see you.”

“Ebon shard?” Cymri tilted her head slightly.

“Yes ma’am, or uhm… ebony shard? ebola shard something like that.”


“No, i don’t think that was it…” the girl trailed of deep in thought trying to remember….

Cymri's visitor

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