7/10 Game

Warehouse via the cellar door

Our intrepid heroes worked their way from the scene of the rat horde down to Docktown. They spent a while surveiling the warehouse that Snorg might be hiding under. It appeared that security was in place, with standing guards, rooftop patrols, and lookouts upstairs. Athare realized he had a contact nearby, the glassblower Selya. This friend had noticed some extra activity at the warehouse the last few days, but had few details. He did offer that his cranky neighbor Egland was rumored to be an expert on the tunnels under this part of town. After bribing the neighbor with some fresh-squeezed oranges (and a fistful of gold), the old man offered to lead the group to some blocked tunnels that offered the best access to the building in question.
The party trickled over to Egland’s house, and began exploring the passages around the warehouse. Several were blocked off with solid Dwarven stonework, and a cave-in prevented access to a third. While poking about, the group was accosted by a tiger-headed human. Athare was able to smooth things over, and Lhassa let them off with a warning not to bring the sable guard into “his” tunnels. Bontraeger suggested trying a different tunnel, where a secret door was found that lead to a scorched bone-pit covered with a crisped, poisonous skin. Activating the door on the other side stirred up a nasty black caustic dust that got the whole team coughing pretty good. However, getting out of the trap landed them in front of a room full of crossbow-armed guards.
Esverra and Hero managed to blind and fog-enshroud the guards while Tyi unleashed his furious fists. Esverra also waded in, slicing and dicing. Athare stumbled across the leader and “convinced” him to talk things over. The guards laid down their arms, and Athare buddied up to his new friend. There was no sign of Snorg, so the group was inclined to move on. Athare, however, wanted to hang out for a few hours and get a solid grasp of the operations at this location.


According to my notes, the glassblower was named Selya, and the old geezer is Egland.

7/10 Game
damian_of_smith damian_of_smith

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