Catching up to 1/22/15 session

Departing the Monk's isle... for now

So after… 6? 8? more? sessions battering against Sammiel and his forces, the heroes have decided to return to Weathertop to gain a little more power before confronting the monk again.

Not that they are fleeing, exactly. Just that the last 3 face-to-face encounters (…to-face-to-face-to-face…) have not gone quite to plan. Once the party fled for their lives, the other two Sammiel managed to give the party the slip after receiving a beat-down.

The Monk possesses some sort of self-replicating magic, allowing him to drum up a horde of himself to fight the invaders. He had hired the services of a mercenary tribe, the Flat Axes, to defend his fort. He had partnered with a mysterious noblewoman, the Lady Beech Aluset, who provided him with odd magic and her two halfling retainers. He also had the odd worm-magic of the site his fort was built on. And he had taken several dozen female hostages to engage in gladiatorial bouts and make babies with.

The Obisidian Shard (I think the party name is finally growing on the players) dealt Sammiel some serious setbacks. About 30 of the Flat Axers have earned a glorious afterlife by dying in battle. One of the vicious halfling twins was put down, and the other beaten into submission. The fort was set on fire, doing major damage to the third floor. Many tomes, maps, and other treasures were “liberated” by the party. Dozens of imprisoned women were set free, and one of Sammiel’s pregnant concubines died at their hands. The party has gained new allies in Raiia (a Dwarf who was disfigured and crippled when found, but the party healed her and she become quite the beauty), Mary (a manacled, de-winged, and spellblocked succubus), Kara Burha (a headstrong half-elf Magus who can drive her blade thru stone), Jean Arres (a human abjurer with powerful antimagic abilities), and of course Hero’s pregnant (?!?) bardic friend, Adech. They also managed to free Far’rah, a wizardess who impersonated Lady Aluset and helped the party abscond with her ship, the Falling Star. And maybe most importantly, they have snatched 5 1/2 infants (including Adech’s unborn child) that they believe are Sammiel’s offspring.

Not that there weren’t losses. Both Tyi and Esverra were gravely injured. A number of freed women were recaptured. The party still has little idea what Aluset is all about (though they know what she looks and sounds like, thanks to Far’rah). And the @*#$&^*& monk keeps slipping away when they think they have him on the ropes. He still has possession of his keep and will probably rebuild. And one of the halflings, with her blasphemous stone altar, is still working with him.

After the party’s last encounter with Sammiel on the beach, they returned to the the stolen ship and set sail for Kage. Far’rah had changed her appearance to that of the “Bitch Queen”, Lady Beech Aluset. She greeted the returning group with her hoarse whisper, explaining her dusky grey skin, black hair, and vivid orange eyes, as a ploy to keep the two-dozen crewmen following orders. She called dibs on the captain’s chambers and refused to allow her rescuers to plunder them. After travelling peacefully all day, the ship was stopped in place by a standing wave of water. A 16’ tall blue-green woman stepped over the wave, dripping water and surrounded by steam. She claimed she’d been chasing the ship for 7 days and demanded the captain give her the stolen “lava”. The first mate Torgay took Esverra and Bontraeger belowdecks to show them an amazing sight – two hovering crystal jugs full of bright, powdered coldness. Esverra figured a way to tow one up on deck (the other followed on it’s own). While Tyi tried to convince the group to test their mettle against Deorhael before giving up the treasure, the rest of the party decided to grant the request. As they watched, she drank the brilliant but deadly stuff. As the steam around her dissipated, she thanked Aluset/Far’rah, claiming she’d been “burning for years”, and offered to grant her a wish in return. The party put their heads together and decided to wish their newly won boat could fly and that everyone on board knew how to fly it. Genie nod, poof, flying boat. Deorhael returned to the sea and the ship continued on its merry airborne way.

In Kage, plans were made. The party decided to fetch Dariante, their teleport spellcrux, for a quick return to Weathertop, and entrust Far’rah with the Falling Star (and a large shipment of talismans and rare ores that Tyi purchased), asking her to meet them in Weathertop. While preparations were finalized, the ship was attacked by mermen. They claimed the ship had “sentenced them to death”, and that they “would all freeze now”, along with other dire claims. Several crewmen were lost, but they were able to repel the attackers and dispel the water elemental that they had called to assist. However, they had levitated the boat out of the reach of the climbing merfolk. Everyone at that end of the docks had seen, so the attempt to keep the boat’s abilities a secret was a failure.

Bontraeger had some disturbing dreams that night. - Bontraeger’s dream
Lady Cymri’s visitor asking after Hero.

Next: Return to Weathertop!!


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Catching up to 1/22/15 session
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