Hero's Journal

hero.jpeg So.. I’m in a box… there’s more to that story but I cant seem to remember it at the moment. Maybe I was drugged I remember walking down a path… And Khalli doesn’t remember either…very strange… in any case there’s more story that I’ll have to tell later. Anyway, my new friends let me out of the box.
Athare Demtri is A half elf I think, he’s thin for human but would be a little fat err chubby… maybe big boned for an elf.He is a nice person but very quiet very secretive. He knows what seems like everyone in Weathertop which has been very helpful. Its odd that he disappears every once in a while only to rejoin us again later. I’ll figure that out one day.


Update: He turns in visible I saw him do it! …or would that be I didn’t see him do it?

Esverra of the Iron Talons Tribe I’d Never seen a woman like her she towers over me by nearly a foot and wields her blade with precision and strength that only years of experience and training would yield. She is truly blessed by the gods to be so strong and beautiful. And while her temper can be short, she is a caring and stalwart companion.


Bontraeger seems to be the quintessential Dwarf. Strong, level headed Quick to fight but just as quick to help those in need. His brother Baern Is under some sort of poison curse and they are not sure if he will pull through. I don’t know how Bontraeger continues as he does. I can see the sadness in his eyes but he doesn’t let it stop him. He has an inner strength that I envy.


Tyi Zakh-Reah uhmm… what can i say about Tyi, He is a boy that has immense physical prowess, his hands can be like weapons and his agility is amazing. I do well in that regard, better than most, but I don’t think I could keep up with him for any significant length of time. In some ways he is like me i haven’t heard much of his Monastery but the one that i did see was secluded from society. far from the beaten path. If the place he grew up was like that then his childhood may have been as lonely as mine. I think he acts impulsively because of that, he knows better but chooses paths sometimes for the experience of foolishness. Often he lets his lust for gold and women lead him down a dark path.


OK this town is weird, and I don’t mean magik weird. They have the undead forced into civil service repairing roads and what not and it seems every time we go some where we get attacked by rats or bats or tentacle monsters. (seriously tentacle monsters came out of the sewer) and apparently there’s a giant hole that crap comes out of if its not dealt with on a regular basis, I think Tyi and Esverra are keen on going there… Might have to do with the small fortune they pay out if you don’t die…

Ok so we were following this lead that might help Baern from his ailment, some guy called Slogg or slugg (what kind of name is that? maybe he’s an orc or a hobogoblin no… in goblin Sloog means… hehe oops that’s not appropriate.) or some such who they think had something to do with it. Its an old ware hose down by the docks (yeah i know where else would they be?) in any case I sneaked in acting like one of the kids they were using to commit petty crimes but i guess they keep track closely cause they noticed i wasn’t there before. luckily everyone was on top of it so i didn’t have to fight alone. I saw an orc but i guess it wasn’t… Snorg! that was his name! I think… well it wasn’t him but i took the orc out with a hold person spell and a vat of fish guts. and then i captured Snorg’s doctor. Tyi helped me interrogate him while Esverra tried to find Snorg. He got away some how i think cause he had been warned…. but the doctor might know a way to help Baern. I think I’d count that as a win.

Ok i’ve been kinda busy so short short version. Snorg ran off towards the halfling isles while we tried to figure out where he was hiding so Her royal highness Princess Cymri lent us the money to teleport to the halfling isles. The Conjurer who sent us had amazing accuracy as he set us on the dock right next to a debarking Snorg. Ive never seen a dwarf move so quickly or an old man so nearly flip completely over from a hit, but Bontraeger made every effort to knock every breath from Snorg’s body. And what he didn’t Knock out he planned to squeeze out through his neck. We decided to see if he would be helpful enough to answer some questions on the long trip home but he wasn’t so Tyi slit his throat and Esverra removed his head from the severely Dwarven brewsed… hehe bruised neck. Head and body went overboard separately so that it would be difficult for any of Snorg’s allies to revive him. Pirates boarded us looking for him but left when he was not found on board…

So we get back to weathertop and there are boats portaling out of the harbor. Turns out the dragon (who is the king) sent them all to war against someone… Bontraeger went to see his brother and Athaere went to help his uncle hudis. It took all of my will power not to say hudat? When I learned his name. Tyi and esverra decided this would be a good time to go check out the pit. I should probably explain the pit only i can’t really. its a huge hole in the middle of the city. and inside are portals to different places. on each of these portals is a arcane rune and if i remember correctly the larger the rune the more pressing the need for it to be taken care of becomes. I’m told if nothing is done the problem spills out into Weathertop. That seems odd though why not just fill in the hole? Anyway we go into the pit and a little halfling woman opens the portal for us. We step through the portal into a thunderstorm,it was difficult to see through the rain but when the lightening struck we could see an ancient doorway that seemed to have fallen open with its age. we made a mad dash for the openening to get out of the rain. as the rain fell away behind us the darkness closed in. Tyi lit his torch and we found ourselves in a large room with three stone doors all towering over us as if some cave dwelling giant Dwarves wanted us to be thoroughly impressed with their stone work.

Ok I’m a terrible bard… No matter what Khalli says… (more on that later.)

The short short super short kinda boring version… maybe I’ll come back to the better version later…

In the dwarf cave was a bunch of undead crap… I don’t like the undead… mostly… Zellara is cool but other than that… Sorry… I found a spear that I traded for an undead bane spear, cause spears are kinda easy to use, but in Retrospect I probably chose poorly… again neither here nor there. so we destroyed the undead and returned to Weathertop.

Soon after everyone regrouped up I remembered my Friend Adech, She is a bard I met in my travels that was captured but a rapey Monk called Sammil, I usually just call him Asshole or Fucker. Yes, even to his face. Especially to his face actually. It didn’t take much to get the others in on the plan to help me save Adech. and after a teleport and a little sneaking we assaulted his castle which was on an island, after two tries we freed Adech and liberated some of the other women and children….

We uhm… commandeered a ship that was docked at the island and sailed it back to a small port town but along the way we ran across a Djinni of some sort who wanted some ice thing back from the ships hold. When we gave it back the Djinni gave us a wish and we decided to make the Ship capable of sailing through the air. I think that’s how we worded it…. anyway we wanted to get back to Weathertop quickly so we gathered up our spell crux and teleported back with a slight detour into the Plane of shadow. by the by don’t go there its not nice. Making a few arrangements for some of our newly liberated friends Mary needed dog tags or a liscence of some type… She’s a succubus so of course Tyi was infatuated with her… I asked Hudis to find a spell crux for me that could help me hide Sammil’s Offspring. and Bontraeger Had a regeneration spell cast on a dwarven girl who turned out to be very pretty with all of her limbs and such back. I wonder if they are… heh She seems to like him but I don’t know if he likes her, or if he has noticed her fancy.

ok so weathertop weird again nasty nasty creatures came from the sewer (again! x.x ) and after we killed the ugliest one the others went home, the dead one left a few treasures but also left me with a cursed golden egg! we tried to have the curse removed but the egg came back to me anyway… I wonder of we can get a refund… anyway they decided that we should go into the pit again and help out while the dragon is off waging a war… that he should have won…. weeks ago…. haven’t figured that one yet.

we end up in an abandoned and re inhabited Dwarven city where an angel has decided that if the final member of the city’s royal family dies she will destroy they city. So we are trying to save the Princess so He doesn’t do that… uhm I cant tell if the angel is masculine or feminine so… i have been using pronouns at random when referring to her. anyhoo there are Drow and wormie guys and monsters with brain slugs attached down here. we think we have a plan to save the princess but the stubbornness of dwarves keeps hindering its execution in a timely manner. Khali Relayed A message from my patron that i’m scared of and not sure i believe but I’ll get to that. Oh yeah Tyi got himself tainted…. so now we’re going to the guys in the ceiling who turn out to me Minitaurs (small minotaurs) to see if they can help him…

Soooo…. the minitaurs couldn’t help him.

Plan B, Rush the door and get past Kurtlemac. or was it Grom? The undead werebear dwarf… I didn’t think that was even possible but I guess you live and learn… Sadly we had to Destroy the guardian to get through and The angel lost it when we checked in on her/him. We hastily retreated back into the pit bringing the ceiling down so that we couldn’t be followed. Gratefully back in Weathertop We checked in with Her highness Lady Cymri and found places for the Minitaur and Drow to stay. One of the Drow well Half-Drow decided he would like to stay with us. His name is Alraeic Aeraania… that’s a lot of Ahh sounds. heehee “Hi I’m Alraeic Ahrgaahhahahahneah…” Sorry that’s not nice. And I already almost chopped one of his ears off… well in my defense I did tell him to duck… and the ant on his head was in brain nom noming position… also I did heal him after… and apologize… he still wasn’t amused…

(He has less hair than this but I think this is what he’ll look like when it grows out)

I’m curious about him because I think he’s a druid but what sort of nature would he protect in the caves? I’m sure there’s something but I haven’t been in a subterranean world long enough to know its nuances. Oh yeah my home was a cave but it was like maybe thirty paces deep. Hardly what I would consider Under dark living. Taking a short break from being Adventurous I met with a woman who had come looking for me while we were away <story> In line with my previous vision Saerenrae Made me into one of her Bards to do something that my Mother had not completed, I’m not sure why I inherited her responsibility but I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough. I then set about figuring out the Golden egg Which it turns out is intelligent but it doesn’t seem to want to talk. It seems to think that either I am an important person or that I will be close to an important person that I might influence. I’m not sure of its agenda, but from the stories it cant be good. Not much i can do on that front considering that its a bloody Artifact, just my luck anything else and i could have had it destroyed but with an artifact? …. anyway I got a new sword class 2+ I’m thinking of naming it but I’m not sure what… how do you tell of a weapon is a boy or a girl? what are the conventions for its nomenclature? So far I’ve thought of Lichwall, Viperclaw, and χαλάζι (Pronounced soft “ch” sound: Chalazi). We also went house shopping and we decided we liked this place that I’m sure was a high class brothel. Its very comfortable and Bontraeger thinks he can make it defensible. I wonder if we can permanently put illusion over the windows for privacy… Back on track though, Now Tyi and the others want to find these thieves who keep robbing a casino that apparently look like us because Vancaskerkin (something like that) keeps blaming us.

Ok not sure what went on between Tyi, and Vancaskerkin but the dope was claiming he was testing…erm what ever Tyi’s disguise name was… (I really need to work on my memory) Tyi Athare, Alraeic, and Bontrager were inside the casino while Esverra, Arcona, and i were out side. when what at first looked like a Zombie appeared outside, inside I think someone summoned Razor bats (shadow bats) to attack the people inside. Some how the zombie created a portal and let all of its zombie friends into the streets, luckily Arcona was on top of it and dropped a fire ball on them killing the little Zombies and burning the leader a bit. I ran after the leader and attacked while Esverra closed the portal. I might be getting the hang of this fighting thing, χαλάζι (I thought it a good name for my sword :D )whistled through the air and cleaved into the zombie slicing little bits of its flesh. that’s when I noticed it wasn’t a Zombie at all it was a Mohrg. Why it was Illusioned to look like a Zombie I don’t know. Arcona and I quickly put the foul creature to rest and the three of us moved inside to find A second mohrg and Swarms of bats everywhere Alraeic was controlling a Flame sphere to burn them but was also burning the carpets on the floors, Tyi was confronting a second Mohrg, (where do they keep… oh yeah weather top.. never mind) while the others were trying to figure a way to fight the swarms Arcona blasted them with gale force winds into the wall finishing the majority of them just in time for Vancaskerkin to come down the stairs yelling about his Casino he tried to run when he saw Esverra, but Tyi ran him down and brought him back so we could have a talk with him. I had to smile when Bontaeger laid into him about what he had done. He had set up the bats and the morhg to test Tyi. Bontraeger left him babbling about what he had and hadn’t done while Esverra explained to the Watch what had happened. I’m not a Barrister but I did add my two copper as to which crimes Vankaskerkin had committed. including Assault, Slander, assault with a deadly weapon, three counts of Assault with a deadly creature, Consorting with a malevolent undead, harboring unregistered Sentient undead, Smuggling vermin across Planear boundaries, introducing an invasive species to the prime material plane, Posession and Intent to use a class 4 Bio-hazard, and Jay walking… I’m not sure how much of that is actually illegal but it sounded good. also I threw the last one in just to see if they were listening…

To be continued……..

Hero's Journal

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