Tyi's Lecture

Esverra’s Voice still echoed in the court yard where she had fallen back into her wartime roots and berated Tyi Zakh-reah , chosen of a dragon goddess who’s name eluded Hero at the moment. Tyi had very nearly gotten himself killed by guardian statues in the Hall of memories. Tyi Sat awkwardly trying to keep his wounds from touching anything. The young monk’s skin lay partly flayed and mostly melted from his body where the acid from the guardians flesh had seared him. Hero approached him and sat at his side.

“Great, are you going to yell at me too?” he snarled. he was baiting her, figuring that he might be able to win an argument against her, since Esverra hadn’t let him get a word in edgewise.

“Stop pouting Tyi, It doesn’t become the chosen of any god.” She wrapped her arms around her legs and rocked back and forth a moment while Tyi gave her a dirty look.

“I’m not pouting…” he said through clenched teeth”…and if you’re not going to heal me then I’d thank you kindly to leave me be.” Hero looked at his Arm where once there had been a beautiful tattoo of a dragon twisted in mid flight loosing its fire breath on Tyi’s hand.

“No.” Hero said quietly as she turned her body to face him. “Not this time, I’m not going to yell but you need to hear this and you need to think on it very hard. You are an ass, a fool, an idiot, and you’re not seeing the forest for the trees.”

“I Am the chosen of…” Tyi yelled but but Hero cut him off before he could finish.

“Really? You’re the chosen? Chosen of what? Did your goddess choose you to be melted into a puddle of goo by dwarven statues? Is that what you’re chosen for? Or were you chosen to get crushed under the heal of a divine being? Cause you were real close to doing that earlier!”
Not thinking she poked at him and touched his arm at the shoulder Tyi winced in pain, and flinched back only just stopping himself from touching it again with his good hand. Scooting away from her he looked at her with a dejected look that made her feel terrible.

“Hero, I can’t lose! I can’t fail her. Do you understand that? I have to win, I have to become…” He trailed off and looked at her as if she were a stranger, like she would never understand. He shook his head pitying her.

“You can’t lose, you can’t fail, you have too Blah blah blah. Tyi, If you die you failed, full stop, no arguments. If you’re dead you’re not the chosen of anything. You’re just some monk, who died trying to prove that he was something he would never be.” She mocked his voice for a moment as she hugged her knees again. “There are very few things in this world you have to do and dying is one of them. Why are you rushing into that? Don’t you care about any of the rest of us? If you don’t let me know now so I can stop worrying about you! So selfish. Im the chosen one i’m the chosen one. Well you know Tyi I don’t care if you’re the chosen of some dragon, I really don’t! Every time you get into trouble and we have to get you out of it you’re putting us in danger. that makes you a liability, and I hate to say that but it’s true. Have we slighted you in some way that you feel some masochistic need for revenge?”

It had all just started flowing out of her and she hardly noticed how quiet the monk had become.

“Right now all I feel is cold…” Tyi muttered slumping back against the wall He winced slightly at the pain, and began to shiver violently, his face had gone pale and while he was looking at her she wasn’t sure he saw her at all. With out thought Hero spoke moving her hands in the all so familiar gestures.

“Goddess, I know Tyi can be a pain but I think at the moment we need him. If it be your will spare him this death for another.” Healing energy burst from her hand and into Tyi’s chest. rapidly the wounds began to close and his tattoos reformed on his freshly grown skin. The acrid smell of the statues flowed off of the monk as he began to breath again.

“Shit, Hero why can’t you heal Like Esverra? it hurts like a bitch when you heal like that!” Tyi gasped not as angry as he tried to make him self sound. Hero ignored that sniffing the air.

“You smell that Tyi? Spirits of salt, what ever those statues were they were trying to digest you…”

Tyi's Lecture

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