AKA Hero’s Attache Part 2: (while they were talking)

“What’s a coo cooie? " bonetrager asked as Hero walked away with the strange man. Looking around none of the others knew. Cymri rolled her eyes and looked over her shoulder where the other two had gone.
Well it looks like we have a moment so I guess I have time to tell you. Let’s go over there to talk.  She gestured to the large windows where chairs and a small table were arranged. As they sat she began to speak.
“In order for you to understand you need to know a little about Brassmane. Brassmane is divided into nine Domain’s each of them overseen by one of my sisters and then all of them ruled by my mother. Each of them has its own militia, and together they form Brassmane’s standing army.” She started her voice taking on an “I’m teaching you something important so listen up” tone.

“Each of their militia have a warrior who is deemed the best and that person is burdened with a reputation within the civilian population. I’m sure that in each of your lands there is a legend that mothers use to scare children into good behavior. A dark figure that children fear. A ghost, or specter, the bogeyman. In a land ruled by and governed by witches the bogeyman can’t be a figment. It has to be a real tangible threat for lack of better term.” Casually she walked over to the window and lookout over the city as she continued to speak. “Each of these people represent that in their area. And each of them has a specialized title. Cucuy is a title reserved for someone who is so respected and feared that it crosses to all of the domains. A name that all children and even adults in Brassmane fear. This man Auryn Duran was a warrior like none other in more than a century. He took his army against horde after horde of orcs in the Keltezn swamps and won out even though they were out numbered many times over, He single handed stopped the Cinder lords from razing the city of Thant.” At their blank stares Cymri elaborated.

“The Cinderlords were a group of Fire giants who came out of the northland mountains who thought that they could enslave our population. I don’t think they had thought it through as there were only a few dozen of them. Not enough to occupy Brassmane but enough to cause some serious problems.” slowly turning from the window she looked at each of them in turn.

“I know strange things happen, so I can only speculate. There are two things very wrong with this man’s story. First of all Auryn Duran was born in the year of my mother 1XX that would make him nearly sixty years old, that man I doubt is more than thirty, and there is rumor that Master Duran died about five years ago. I can tell he does care for Hero, but I have not been able to glean what his intentions are. I can tell you he has been trained to fight in Sephra’s Domain Thuuri. And if that’s true he learned something about you just watching you enter the room. He’s likely going to want to know more.” She shifted her weight on the balls of her feet crossed her arms at the wrist and shook her head slowly.

“I’m making that sound more ominous than it need be. If he is being honest in full he will want to know more about you because of your association with Hero. I’ve been talking with him the last couple of hours and when he had his jacket off I noticed his Couer.” Cymri pinched the bridge of her nose realizing again that they are not from Brassmane.
“It’s an arcane mark that changes dependent on a geas. He’s married, has three children, and has been faithful.” Rolling her eyes she notices Hero and the man returning. “Don’t look at me like that Athare Compared to Weathertop that doesn’t hold a candle to the oddities that occur.”


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