Boons for PCs

​All the options from the Pathfinder SRD will be available in this campaign. I am open to material from the Pathfinder Campaign Setting series (but it may need some tweeks) and most third-party products as long as you run them by me first.

You may choose either to roll up your scores (4D6, reroll 1’s once, drop lowest, arrange as you like), or you can use a standard array:
18, 16, 14, 12, 12, 10 arranged to preference.
You can raise one by 1 point if you lower another by 2, or raise one by 2 if you lower another by 3 (18 max, 3 min). A low attribute can engender good roleplaying opportunities, and this pleases the DM.

Looks like we’re beginning at level 4. Medium experience track means 9001 xp, next level at 15000. Go ahead and make up a 1st level character using the rules here and progress him or her up to 4th level. You can have any mundane equipment you want for free, and 6000gp of masterwork and magic stuff. If you take any crafting feats, you get those items for half price. If you have ranks in craft, you can have masterwork items related to that craft skill for free. You get maximum HP at first level, and whatever you feel is fair for the rest. I’m okay with high totals at low levels. Be thinking about the major stuff your PC did going up each level, including what skills or ability she relies on, what weakness he may have noticed and either hid or compensated for, and what enemies or allies they may have made. If you are drawing a blank, let me know and I can help generate some random stuff that you can tweak or tailor. I will grant some bonus XP and maybe a couple of free skill points or minor magic items for any good backstory you want to send me. If there’s something you really NEED (skill, feat, item, contact) to make your PC come together, let me know and we’ll work it out.
Core Races, Featured Races, Uncommon races
ECL rules
Player Character Races

In addition to the usual Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Half-elves, Half-Orcs, Halflings, and Humans, here’s details on other races available and some Campaign Notes on the Half-races.

Core Classes, Base Classes, Alternate Classes, Prestige Classes, NPC Classes
Available Classes

You can play any of the standard or optional classes. For others available, take a look here.
Skill Uses, New Skills

Skills are generally handled just as described in the SRD. I like to keep things flexible, so here’s a few more details you may want to read up on.
Feats & Flaws

Fun fantastic feats. Again, the SRD stuff is wide open. Here you will find descriptions for all the other stuff I allow, and some of the available “anti-feats” if you want to dabble in those.
New Feat Rules, New Feats
Get a Boon

This is a bonus ability or item that will increase in utility as the character gains power. It can be a special relationship with a person or organization (think churches, guilds, nobility…), a special magic item, early access to a class feature, or anything that could give your PC a slight edge over an NPC of the same level. Let’s discuss what you have in mind and make your PC truly unique.

Examples of Boons from games of yore:
The PC’s parents run an Inn in town. She and her companions could always find a warm meal and a soft bed for free. She also got the low down on new travellers in town.
A pixie who could call on full invisibility at 2nd level instead of (4th? 6th?). Once she was able to become invisible normally, she was able to become ethereal.
A halfling who was the ward of a powerful city council member. She could get the lowdown on what’s really happening, and had some clout with official organizations like the watch.
A family heirloom weapon that started as +1, but got more bonuses and abilities as the character gained levels.
A warrior who got a sizeable inheritance at first level and bought a lot of minor magic. She got a little more cash as a stipend at the next few levels, including a map to where “dad” hid his greatest treasure.
A rogue who had found a magic book describing how to make hundreds of different poisons. All she had to do was find the ingredients…
A minotaur who reduced her ECL by giving up giving up the monster hit dice but keeping the other goodies.
A paladin who was grown from the flesh of her god’s avatar. As the actual “right hand” of her god, she was freed from alignment restrictions and prohibitions about associating with evil beings as long as she actively tried to sway them to her god’s worship.
..and a fistful of other waived restrictions on race, class, and alignment.

Boons for PCs

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