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“…so your sword changes colors when there are Demons around. That’s interesting, but why did you name it?” Hero was finishing as they were escorted into Cymri’s offices. Esverra looked down at the smaller woman like she had asked something silly, but had no chance to answer before Cymri interrupted.

“Lady Hero, It seems that you have been holding out on me. You have a gentleman visitor who has seen fit to come calling after you.”

“Lady?” Athare asked raising an eyebrow.

“You have a boyfriend?” Tyi said questioned at the same time. Hero could feel her face turning very red as all eyes turned on her. She stammered a bit trying to remain calm before she found any words at all.

“Well.. no not really I just kissed him once, but thats it!” She blurted out.

“Tyi, you’re muddling up the conversation, Her love life isn’t very important at the moment.” Esverra said sternly and then turned back to Hero “Lady hero?”

“Uhm… well…” Hero furrowed her brow trying to decide how to explain.

“Hero is the Baroness of Rhyl a title inherited from her father Ashir who was made a Baron by my mother directly.” Cymri filled in for her.

“Well yeah, but it doesn’t mean anything. I can’t..”

“Doesn’t mean anything? MY mother gave land to your father! And that doesn’t mean anything?” Cymri exploded.

Hero lost any grip on serenity her ears were burning she was so embarrassed. Curtsying very low stammered an apology.

“Forgive me Highness, my words were chosen poorly, I did not mean for you to infer that your mother’s gift meant nothing to me. Only that my power and influence were minimal. I did not say anything about it because I don’t want special treatment for something I have no control over.” Hero pled keeping her eyes downcast it seemed like an eternity before anyone said anything.

“You see Master Duran, as I said she doesn’t think like a Lady. I don’t know what it is you think that she can do for you, but she is just a child. I will be keeping an eye on you. Get up girl I only took offense to prove a point.”

The sound of hardened boots echoed on the marble floors as a man came into the room from behind the princess. Slowly Hero rose and looked over Cymri’s shoulder. She cocked her head to the side trying to figure out who this man was, His boots were tight around his calves coming up to his knees and his britches were crafted of soft leather latticed together like a wicker basket. His coat that was crafted to match his leggings fit his lankey form loosely and was buttoned to the neck. He wore dark colored goggles that had a tint of red to them and his hair was covered completely with a black bandana. It was then that she looked into his face that the realization came. Just as quickly as her face had gone red it paled now and her eyes widened.

“Cucuy…” she mumbled louder than she had intended. The man smiled a little and shook his head.

“I doubt that that title is still or even should be mine Hero, but it seems you do remember me.” he said

“This is your boyfriend?” Tyi said incredulous. “I mean come on? Seriously?”

Hero gave the young monk a dark frown and then whispered through the message spell “No, he’s not. Shut up.” She could tell Tyi was not happy about being shushed but he didn’t say anything further.

The man Looked around the room at the others and the lowered his voice. “How have you, lifted your burden?” He asked. Hero jumped slightly she had forgotten he knew.

“A last gift from my father.” She said and he visually relaxed a bit, looking up from the floor. “It is not lifted, but eased considerably. perhaps we should speak in private?” he nodded and walked with her across to the far end of the room.

As the moved Hero could only smile as Bonetrager asked “What’s a coo cooie?”

“I see, I’m so sorry for your loss Hero, your father was a good man…” He trailed off suddenly caught in a deep thought that hero was sure saddened him.

“Thank you, Master Duran… Her highness said you were looking for me? What could I possibly do for you?” It wasn’t a subtle subject change, but the pained look in his eye made her realize.

“Its about your father in a way, back when i was helping him, when i had my incident. Gryet Said he used some sort of spell to try and revive me. I think it might have interacted oddly with magics that were already in place… Gryet said you might be the only one who could understand what he had done. or what had happened.”

“I remember what he did but, what sort of magic was…” She thought for a moment and continued, “…even if i knew what magics were in place it might take me months to figure out what happened. let alone how to fix it. I am making assumptions. that is what you want correct?”

“Yes, I figured it might take some time m’lady so i’m prepared to serve you while you research. To be your hand if you will, While i wait for your answers I will accomplish the things you need done on the mundane side of things.”

“You want to be my butler?”

“Well… if thats what you need, but more than that. Closer to what Illiosa is to the dragon king. Not exactly but that the closest analogy i can think of.” He folded his arms across his chest as he tried to feel out what she might say.

“So you would do anything I say? Without question, and to the best of your ability?”

“Within reason… You have something in mind Hero, no secrets. what is it?” A mixture of worry and curiosity crossed his face as she looked up at him and said clearly, more so than anything he had ever heard her say.

“Nothing much, Join my friends, fill in for me while I study, and bring me the head of the monk who calls himself Samil.”

Hero's Attaché

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