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Here’s the Wiki pages I’m currently working to flesh out…

Campaign Timeline since there have been some time-skipping incidents, this should help everybody keep track just a little better…
Boons for PCs a reminder for folks on how they work, what you can expect, and my thoughts about how boons will grow/progress with experience…
House Rules another place to review the houserules in place for the Weathertop campaign.
NPC plus Classes improvements to the grossly under-powered core NPC classes, here I beef them up to a little below adventurer-class power. Read about the Noble (Aristocrat alternative), the Specialist (Expert alternative), and the Spellcrux (Adept alternative).

Guildhouse maps: Maps of the PCs’ new lodgings.

Enlightened paladin of freedom
Bontraeger’s dream
Cymri’s visitor
Hero’s Attaché
Tyi’s Lecture
Stakeouts are boring

Main Page

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