Phorcydes (fork eh des)

The creations or the Wizard Phorcys. It is unknown why the wizard created the four sisters But when looking at the crossbreeds created over the millennia. Half races (elves, orcs, Dwarves) Owlbear, Bulette, Dire beasts one learns to stop looking into the minds of Mages for reason.
Four creatures were initially created named Medusa, Euryale, Sthenno, and Seirina. Created from the same woman donor and a mixture of Basilisk, Hydra, Roc, and Aboleth samples each of the sisters came out differently, though they shared the fact that they possessed a gaze attack of some kind and unusual hair and immunity to the gazes of the others. Each of them had difficulty in bearing male offspring and the all shared a love for shiny baubles. Euryale and Sthenno were all but immortal while Medusa and Seirina possessed only eternal youth.

Medusa- Became the most well known in humanoid and Sylvanid worlds Medusa was closest to human and could pass as long as she kept her head covered. She became known because she actually tried to join society. Though like her Descendants she was often run out of town or people would try to murder her.
Her Gaze turned creatures to stone.

sirens_feast_by_immarart-d79sogg.jpgEuryale- (Every ali) Bore the wings of a Roc and could fly she had little interest in those who were bound to the earth and after Phorcys died She had little to bind her to the world of men. Though she on occasion visits her sisters.
Her gaze caused Madness.

fc98213f22a5a7aeb4c5b525769090f0.jpgSthenno- Was the strongest of them in battle. Large and forceful, she not only bore that same snake heads as Medusa but in place of legs she had the tail of a great serpent. Quick to anger she was just as quick to forgive.
Her gaze Caused blindness
7c49933045f4cb239e533539078adf87.jpgSeirina- Would have almost passed for Mermaid were it not for her third eye. Of them her voice was the sweetest even before the magics that had lured sailors to their deaths. Seirina was the most introverted Shy most would say.
Her Gaze caused Paralysis

Maedar- A general term for a Male offspring. Maedar was the first born son of Medusa, Like the females he was immune to the all of the gazes. and had the ability to turn stone to flesh at will. Through the years others have been born with the same immunities but varied gifts often opposite of their female counter parts. Only one in a thousand children born to Phorcydian women are male, unless the father is a Maedar then the proportions are about 10 to 1


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